come fly with me中文意思是什麼

come fly with me解釋

  • come: vi (came; come)1 來,過來;去,上,赴。 He came (to my house) last night 他昨晚(到我家裡)來...
  • fly: vi (flew flown )1 飛 (about away forth off out) 飛行;駕駛飛機,坐飛機旅行。2 飛跑;(時間等...
  • with:
  • me: ME = marriage encounter Me = methyl 【化學】甲基。pron 1 〈I 的賓格〉我〈把我,對我,給我等〉。...

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  1. But come, young waverer, come, go with me, in one respect i ' ll thy assistant be ; for this alliance may so happy prove, to turn your households ' rancour to pure love

  2. The indormitable martial arts team of director chang cheh and stunt choreographer liu chia - liang bring the golden swallow of king hu s come drink with me back to life again in this sequel of heartbreaking romance, intrigue and stunning action

  3. King hu s come drink with me da zuixia marked the beginning of the new

  4. You have to come snowboarding with me this weekend

  5. If you want to learn about renowned master king hu s world of wuxia, come drink with me