common camelia中文意思是什麼

common camelia解釋

  • common: adj 1 共通的,共同的,共有的。2 公眾的;公共的。3 普通的,通常的,尋常的,平常的。4 平凡的,通俗...
  • camelia: 卡梅利亞軸承合金

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  1. Acute inflammation of the vermiform appendix is the most common surgical lesion within the abdomen.

  2. The most common finishing operations are mechanical, such as milling, grinding, or polishing with abrasives.

  3. After acquiring the land for the hsinchu station, the following public construction projects will be conducted : transportation system such as road engineering, sidewalk and accommodation road, land preparation, sewerage system, foul sewer, common duct and landscaping

  4. Quantitative analysis of common acid radical ions by laser raman spectrometry

  5. Body gamma knife integrating precision actinotherapy, three - dimension adjustable actinotherapy and common actinotherapy, is a large irradiation neurosurgery device for body tumor. it is the ideal method for non - operation therapy of all kinds of lung cancer and liver cancer, firstly developed by shenzhen aowo intl. technology development co. ltd and passed the national mda certificate