common exit point中文意思是什麼

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  • common: adj 1 共通的,共同的,共有的。2 公眾的;公共的。3 普通的,通常的,尋常的,平常的。4 平凡的,通俗...
  • exit: n 1 出口,出路,太平門。2 【電學】引出端;排氣管。3 外出;離去;死亡;【戲劇】退場(opp entrance...
  • point: n 1 尖頭,尖端;尖頭器具;〈美國〉筆尖;接種針,雕刻針,編織針;小岬,小地角;【拳擊】下巴。2 【...

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  1. To set a breakpoint on the exit point of a function call

  2. This paper proposes a method for optimizing the parameters of geometry system. based on the ray tracing for the built - model, discussing and analyzing the parameters of geologic aim such as the bin size, calculating the fold of aim layer ' s common reflection point, comparing the fold of crp with the fold of common mid - point, the geometry system ' s parameters are adjusted to improve the low fold bins, the quality of data collection and effect of exploration

    本文提出了首先建立目標地質體的數字模型,根據射線追蹤正演分析,目標地質體的參數分析(面元分析等) ,統計求取復雜地質模型目標層真正的共反射點覆蓋次數,比較cmp面元與實際crp面元的覆蓋次數差異, cmp道集對應的共反射點面元分析,針對覆蓋次數較低的目標層面元調整和優化觀測參數,提高目標層的採集質量和勘探效果。
  3. Common fixed point theorems about pair of mapping and family of mapping

  4. The common - depth - point technique merely means the manifold repetition of each reflection observation with different source - detector geometry

    其深度點技術僅意味著用不同的震源? ?檢波器的分佈形式多次重復每個反射觀測。
  5. Since a procedure in a high - level language has a single entry and a single exit point, it is common for a cfg to have a unique entry and exit node as well