1. After that, the points in designing of add - in card ’ s theory schematics and pcb are depicted and signal integrity emulation is made with essential signals from compactpci add - in card

    2. Design of radar signal acquisition system and device driver based on compactpci bus

    3. Tews technologies offers turnkey design, production and manufactureing services for its growing list of oem customers. today, tews continues its total solutions approach to engineering embedded i o board products for pmc, industrypack, compactpci and standard pci products lines

      Tews為工程化的嵌入式i o板級產品提供完整的解決方案,其產品線涵蓋ip compactpci及標準pci技術,亦針對大多數主要的嵌入式操作系統提供全部的驅動程序。
    4. " the zx5000 advancedtca switch with openarchitect complements the compactpci technologies developed by intel and znyx networks and provides telecommunication equipment manufacturers with a single software interface across both architectures and form factors " said connie austin, president and ceo of znyx networks. " the openarchitect software platform enables equipment manufacturers and systems integrators to easily migrate the same revenue generating ethernet routing capabilities and oem applications from compactpci to atca

      Znyx公司總裁兼ceo connie austin指出: 「配有openarchitect的zx5000完善了compactpci技術,為電信設備製造商提供了在兩種體系結構和板型picmg3 . 0和picmg2 . 0之間提供了單一的界面, openarchitect軟體平臺使得設備製造商和系統集成商很容易將ethernet路由功能和oem應用從compactpci升級到atca 。
    5. With the popularity and usage of the compactpci bus in our country, more and more corporations begin to design and develop the production based on the cpci bus