音標 ['kʌmpəni]
n. 名詞 1. 交際,交往;作伴;伴侶;朋友;來客。
2. (社交)集會,聚會。
3. 一隊,一行;(演員的)一班。
4. 行會;公司,商號,商社;合夥者。
5. 【軍事】連,中隊;【航海】全體船員。
6. 消防隊。


    1. Our firm is represented by abc company in japan

    2. With our strict abidance by the tenet to survive by quality, to develop by reputation, as well as improvement and innovation, the company scale expands rapidly, which has helped set up good reputation among industries

    3. Chrysler company would be able to make it.

    4. His accession to power was sudden, and occurred at a difficult, critical period in the company's history.

    5. Our company contract to do a job maintaining all sorts of electro magnetic chuch domestic and abrod. we guarantee quality, own advanced technique and present reason - able price, and can produce all sorts of magnetic force acetabula for consumers. company ` s tenet : quality no. 1, reputation highest, quick and considerable after - service, honest hope with every friend joining hands together to enter a pair - win market