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  • compare: vt 1 比較,對照 (with); 參照。2 把…比作為 (to)。3 【語法】把(形容詞、副詞)變成比較級[最高級...
  • facility: n. 1. 容易,簡易,輕便。2. 機敏,靈巧,流暢。3. 〈常 pl. 〉方便,便利,設備,器材,工具,裝置;機構。4. 和善,柔和。

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  1. The procedure functions in the compare between partial image of dynamic collection and corresponding image of the airscape. in chapter 5, basing on the analysis of correlative theory of digital image, we introduce the improved fasted - down algorithm and simulative anneal algorithm, which applies to nn calculation, an d bring forward the unique and effective means, correlative original value evaluation. basing on the combination of correlative arithmetic, a stable, high - speed and exact correlative arithmetic is formed, which makes it possible to apply computer vision detection of single - needle quilting in industrial production

  2. The study is imitating subulate tool penterite armor fabric by method of test for puncture of paperboard and corrugated fiberboard, and to ascertain the laver of armor fabric for absorb energy and arrestment, and any difference angle to compare the rank of defying ball, for understanding the sharp to the rank of annor fabric defy penterite energy, and penterite deep, the lose energy relation of sharp

  3. In this part, i cite some cases and decisions to explain the meaning of " properly and carefully " above all. then, with the purpose of distinguish discriminations, i compare it one by one with the standards which the common carrier and bailee must be complied when they fulfil the care of cargo obligation, and the standard of the obligation of making the ship seaworthy

  4. The thesis presents a expert system for identifies power quality disturbance signal, after compare the artificial neural network, nearest neighbors, fuzzy decision, and expert system. we bring forward the project flexible rule - based expert system, according to the characteristic inspection and measure system, and has a deep research on the problem of this system. this project for disturbance classifies has lower mistake ratio and facility maintenance

  5. Based on the facility the lab owned, we analyze single error and region error and compare different gps precision. the results showed that the precision of gps agl32 is the highest, than are gps25 oem plate and map330, and maps 15 with the lowest precision

    針對實驗室現有的設備,分別對單點定位誤差和區域定位誤差進行試驗、分析,對不同gps使用精度進行比較。得出如下結論:農用差分gpsag132定位精度最高,其次為gps25oem板和map330 ,而map315最差。