comparison theory of illusion中文意思是什麼

comparison theory of illusion解釋

  • comparison: n. 1. 比較,對照;類似。2. 【語法】比較法;【修辭學】比喻。
  • theory: n. 1. 理論,學理,原理。2. 學說,論說 (opp. hypothesis)。3. 推測,揣度。4. 〈口語〉見解,意見。
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • illusion: n 1 幻影;幻覺;妄想,幻想;錯覺。2 (婦女用)透明面紗。 al ary adj n ism 1 物質世界幻覺說。 2 引...

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  1. According to the environment features inside and outside caves in guizhou and current development of cave creature study home and abroad, making use of karstology, environment science, ecology, zoology and the theory of human - land relation, and through combining microscale with macroscale, component with system, field investigation with interview, and theory with experiment, the author chooses guiyang, anshun, pingba and honglin, where human activities are frequent and strong, to make a macroscopical investigation on animals and environment, and selects some typical caves in honglin to make a comparison study on environment features inside and outside the caves, biodiversity and present situation of plant society, and adaptability of cave animals to environment, and analyzes theoretically the effects of human activities on the cave animals and evaluates objectively the development potential of cave animal resource

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  4. This dissertation, which begin from the concept of forfeiture of bills, with the method of comparison, analyzed the orientation of values about forgery of bills in china ' s legal system about bills, and devised a set of remedial methods for those who have lost their bills, especially for those non obligee of bills, who have lost the bill. it fills the gaps of theory of the means of relieving those non obligee of bills, in the studies of laws governing bills

  5. The evolution of land ecosystem has been researched basis on the theory of dissipation structure. 3 the comparison research about the land ecological classifies system. the scholar abroad and home hold a different point in land classification and methods