complexity of electron configuration中文意思是什麼

complexity of electron configuration解釋

  • complexity: n. 1. 復雜性,復合狀態。2. 復合物;復雜的事物[情況]。
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • electron: n. 【物理學】電子。 the electron beam 電子束。 the electron theory 電子(學)說。
  • configuration: n. 1. 結構;構造;圓形,外形。2. 組合,布置;配置。3. 地形;【天文學】(行星等的)相對位置,方位;【化學】(分子中原子的)組態,排列;【物理學】位形;組態。

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  1. Metabolism is a complexity of chemical reaction.

  2. The radiation is produced by the coherent motion of electron streams.

  3. The issues in deeper layers are still far resolved, such as complexity harm of diseases and insects. lower level of producer in agriculture, irrationality of categories configuration of fertilizers and pesticides, feeble system that spreads agriculture technic. deteriorated condition that yield produce, faultiness of statutes and criterion

  4. History of each element, atomic number, symbol, electron configuration, isotopes, its properties and its cost

  5. Because of the complexity of the configuration, the high expenses on manufacturing and producing and the strict demand in technique, the lifetime of the rlg has been put attentions on by both the users and the manufactories