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  • complicate: vt 把…弄復雜,使錯綜,使混亂。 That would complicate matters 那會使事情弄得更麻煩的。 be complica...
  • and: n. 1. 附加條件。2. 〈常 pl. 〉附加細節。
  • eccentric: adj 1 【數學】不同圓心的 (opp concentric); 【天文學】(軌道)不正圓的;【機械工程】偏心的,離...

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  1. The " airwaves " from a person who has broad vision, modest attitude, kindly and cheerful personality can easily harmonize with the ones from other people, therefore it can offer him more friends ; instead, the " airwaves " from a person who is narrow - mindedness, arrogance, bad and eccentric is easily excluded by the ones from other persons, and it will make him difficult to get along with others

  2. Facing such complicate and variable circumstance, the undertakers in tv medium are urgently wanted to consider that how our television industry will exist and be developed in the cruel competition from other countries and the newly developed mass media at home

  3. Then at the elastic - plastic state taking advantage of the brace and eccentric distant, we can control the inelastic deformation of the braced frame. the reinforced concrete frames with eccentric brace conform with the earthquake - resistant principle and its seismic properties have improved remarkably. during the lowly circular and repeated loading, the load - bearing, deformation, and ductility of the eccentrically braced reinforced concerete frames were measured

  4. ( 5 ) the reliability analysis of concrete columns under axial and eccentric compression was performed

    5 、對混凝土軸心受壓柱和偏心受壓柱進行了可靠度分析。
  5. In this thesis, the experimental research of the behavior of high strength concrete axial compression columns and eccentric compression columns under non - uniform temperature field are conducted. from the experimental analysis, the variational regularity of ultimate load capacity and deformation of high strength concrete compression - flexure members under non - uniform temperature field is obtained. the influences of different factors including temperature, stirrup contents, strength grade of concrete, pre - loading level, eccentricity and different loading - temperature paths to refractory capability of members are investigated