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composite rule解釋

  • composite: adj 1 併合的,復合的,混成的,合成的,集成的。2 【建築】混合式的;【造船】鐵骨木殼的。3 【植物;...
  • rule: n 1 規則,規定;法則,定律;章程,規章;標準;(教會等的)教規,條例,教條;常例,慣例。2 統治,...

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  1. Rule for determinaation of acrylic mixedtops for import

  2. It is found mat many factors under working load are different between agitation pile composite foundation and plain concrete pile composite foundation, and analyze the reasons, describe the factors of two composite foundations under working load. the second, the module of the ground consisted of construction garbage is inverse analyzed with finite element analysis. then some mechanics rule of rigid pile ( plain concrete pile ) composite foundation is educed

  3. In this paper, it first defines the rule of basic structures in xyz / e, analyzes the analogies between xyz / adl design elements and uml modeling elements and defines the conversion rule, and uses uml extension mechanism and object constraint language to perfect the conversion. and then it selects class diagram and composite structure new in uml2. 0 for research, defines how to convert them to xyz / adl. there has been some research for the conversion from uml state machine diagram, activity diagram and sequence diagram to xyz / e

    本文具體工作如下:從xyz / adl到uml的轉換,首先定義了xyz / adl的語義基礎? ? xyz / e的基本結構到uml的轉換規則,接著通過分析xyz / adl的設計元素和uml建模元素之間的語義相似,定義了二者之間的轉換規則,並用uml的擴展機制和對象約束語言ocl描述進一步的約束來完善相應的轉換過程;另外對于從uml到xyz / adl的轉換,本文著重對uml類圖進行研究,定義了從uml類圖到xyz / adl的轉換機制,也對uml2 . 0新增加的組成結構圖到xyz / adl的轉換進行了定義,同時亦對國內已經開展的uml狀態圖、活動圖、順序圖到xyz / e的轉換機制研究作了簡要介紹。
  4. In our country, the study on concrete structure strengthened by advanced composite glass fiber sheet is new, the systematicness and practicability is inadequate, especially, there ’ s no mature research in the field of bond performance. therefore, to realize the bond performance and its change rule between the advanced composite glass fiber sheet and concrete is very important

  5. Secondly, a study of one kind of composite soil nailing, that is, a combination of soil nails with waterproof cement - soil mixing pile wall, was carried out by laboratory model test, the retaining structures were modeled according to a similarity rule that geometric length of the structure is in inverse proportion to deformation duration of the structure and the staged excavation and retaining was carried out during experiment to simulate actual construction procedures in situ

    其次,通過模型試驗研究了土釘與水泥土樁聯合支護型式的變形、破壞形態以及作用原理。試驗模型箱為無蓋六面箱體,內空凈尺寸長寬高為3 . 4m 1 . 0m 2 . 0m ,試驗填料為重塑土,土釘採用硬質鋁管。