composite track valve中文意思是什麼

composite track valve解釋

  • composite: adj 1 併合的,復合的,混成的,合成的,集成的。2 【建築】混合式的;【造船】鐵骨木殼的。3 【植物;...
  • track: vt 用纖拉船。vi 拉纖行駛。n age 拉纖。n er 拉纖的人。n 1 軌跡,輪跡,航跡,痕跡;〈pl 〉足跡。2 ...
  • valve: n 1 【機械工程】閥,活門,舌門;汽門。2 【解剖學;動物學】瓣,瓣膜;(貝)殼瓣;【植物;植物學】...

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    水系統.泵站用最低液面閥pn 20mpa
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  3. C turn on the exit - valve adagio, regulate to capability - point it need, try to turn on the pump - set for 510minute, devotion to turning without unwonted phenomenon

  4. It has the characteristic of non - gear - box, large output torque, small volume, easy control, fast response, high track precision, high reliability etc. the system has potential advantages over substituting for traditional hydraulic or pneumatic missile actuator servo control system and has wide prospect in the fields of aerial actuator, servo valve, robot, radar antenna etc. the system ' s operation principle, control idea, functions and realization of each component are discussed in detail

  5. On the basis of research on market efficiency, index funding, clustering algorithm and time factor, 295 stocks in shenzhen stock market are selected as the research objects. clustering algorithm with time factor is applied to choose portfolio population, and then single index model is used to calculate the weight of every individual stock in order to construct an index proxy portfolio to track shenzhen composite index