composite trades中文意思是什麼

composite trades解釋

  • composite: adj 1 併合的,復合的,混成的,合成的,集成的。2 【建築】混合式的;【造船】鐵骨木殼的。3 【植物;...
  • trades: 各種營業

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  1. Study on anti - corrosion nano silica sol acrylic resin composite film

  2. Research on composite explosive with nano - aluminium

  3. The result shows, for this composite cement system, retarding action of dihydrate gypsum is more obvious than that of anhydrite, meanwhile, anhydrite tends to cause setting time short and water needed increased

  4. We also attainted mosi2 / sic composite by using melting mosi2 infiltrated sic body which shaped by sic powder. the result show that the diameters of sic particle and shaping methods have effect on the composite ' s microstructure and properties

    另外,嘗試了用mosi _ 2在2050下浸滲直接由sic粉體成型的坯體制備mosi _ 2 / sic復合材料。採用sic顆粒的級配有利於提高坯體密度,但是降低燒結體的緻密度。
  5. The 42 - metre composite building houses the baldachin hall, a library, a meeting area, a general office, a carpark, and cultural, educational and welfare facilities. though a modern design has been adopted, much importance is attached to the concept of the buddhist triad