compositional variable中文意思是什麼

compositional variable解釋

  • compositional: 組合的
  • variable: adj 1 易變的,變化無常的,無定的 (opp constant steady)。2 可變的,能變的;變換的。3 【數學】變...

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  1. The longer the period, the brighter the star is. thus, by measuring the period of a cepheid variable, we know its absolute magnitude, hence, we can tell how far it is away by comparing with its apparent magnitude

  2. Using this method to dispose interference of output signal of sensing elements, the interference caused by fixed position heat source of constant and adagio variable temperature can be effectively eliminated in exterior

  3. In view of this situation and the characteristic of qualitative variable as well as quantitative variable of the geological factors affecting coal seam affusion, put forward the application of numerical theory on the basis of optimization study of orthogonal design to confirm the optimal combination of the technical parameters of coal seam affusion when geological factors is in precarious state and then proceed optimization study with instances

  4. When measuring the magneto performance parameter , we find that the instrument which use to measure voltage and current is still the simple voltmeter and amperemeter in the national standard , and the form of wave that we observed is anomaly. based on the measure principles, it obviously ca n ' t be used to do quantitative analysis ; because the discharge process of ignition system is quite complex, accompanies with very strong electromagnetism interference, and the ignition current and voltage are variable , it make the measure of ignition energy become a difficult thing of ignition system performance detection

  5. The operand is an 8 - bit integer containing the ordinal of a local variable or an argumenta