compromise blend中文意思是什麼

compromise blend解釋

  • compromise: n 1 妥協,調和,和解,互讓了結,私下了結 (between)。2 妥協方案,折衷方案,調和契約;中間物,折...
  • blend: vt vi (blended blent ) 混合,攙合,混雜,摻雜;融合調和。 blend the ingredients in a recipe 按...

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  1. Ten judges and six associate judges headed by chief judge huon hooke ( a national wine writer ) tasted and decided on the top west australian wines, including best white blend, best red blend and best wine of the show

  2. The early definitions stressed a blend of biological and chemical control.

  3. His manner is a blend of charm and politeness.

  4. Luxury blend luxury blend is a smooth and exquisite blend of 3 different virginias, sweetish black caverdish, fragrant burley and a fabulous aroma of orange and honey, with an added touch of the all time favourite vanilla flavour

  5. Offers a branded syrup blend of corn syrup, cane sugar syrup, cane molasses, and pure honey