音標 [kəm'pju:tə]
n. 名詞 1. 計算者。
2. (電子)計算機;計量器。
-ism 電子計算機主義〈認為電子計算機萬能等〉。
-erite, -nik 計算機專家;計算機工作者。


    1. The necessity that reconing by the abacus exists in computer times

    2. The campus has its hall, library, lecture theatres, laboratories, computer rooms, workshops, chinese - style and western - style training kitchens and restaurants, hotel training guestroom, front office simulation unit, accommodation training unit, centre for independent language learning, jockey club student centre, as well as sports and recreational facilities

    3. The study includes the hole color tv imagery system for drill hole, even - pole bore - hole acoustic system and acoustic meter, bore - hole multi - point consolidation apparatus, the quick camera computer - aid image for high rocky slope, image technology for layer analysis, safety monitoring technology for the section close to the dam, software for processing and forecasting the slope monitoring data, high precision geodesy monitoring automation system, etc. all the study results are new, advanced and practical, which has applied in the project and gained the obvious benefits

    4. A number of other types of information are also relayed into the computer, including information from picket ships, aew aircraft, ground observer corps , aircraft spotters, flight plans for both military and civilian aircraft, and weather information

      一些其他類型的信息也傳遞給了計算機,這些信息來自(雷達)哨艦, aew載預警飛機、地面觀測隊和空中偵查,還有軍用和民用飛機的飛行計劃、氣象等等信息
    5. This paper uses numerical analysis methods to simulate two fighters fighting in the air by computer and researches all the problems at different postures of the fighters when fighting. the mathematical modeling is preliminarily researched and designed during the air action emulation of two fighters. a sort of description means which is found is more realistic for the simplified modeling of the fighters