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  • commercial: adj 1 貿易的,商業上的;營業性的。2 〈美國〉(能)大量生產的;營利(性質)的;面向市場的;〈美國...
  • translator: n. 翻譯者;【無線電】譯碼機;幫電機;變換器;傳送器;轉發器;轉播器;翻譯機;(衣服的)翻改者;〈pl. 〉翻新過的衣服;【植物;植物學】載粉器。

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  1. Article 60 commercial banks should establish and improve their own auditing and checking system on deposits, loans, account settling and bad debts

  2. Article 62 the people ' s bank of china has the right to check and supervise the deposits, loans, account settling and bad debts of the commercial banks at any time in accordance with the stipulations of chapters iii, iv and v of this law

  3. " we ' ll sponsor a festival for the cost of a 30 - second television commercial and though we ' ll only reach a microscopic fraction of the number we hit on television, the impact will be far more long lasting, " said one advertising man yesterday

    「我們將用作30秒鐘電視商業廣告的費用去贊助一次音樂節,雖然我們只需付出作電視廣告費用的一小部分,但它的影響卻會深遠得多, 」一位廣告人昨天這樣說。
  4. A brief discussion on court ' s repeal about arbitraments of international commercial arbitration

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