concordant pluton中文意思是什麼

concordant pluton解釋

  • concordant: adj. 協和的,一致的 (with); 【音樂】協和音的;【地質學;地理學】整合的。adv. -ly
  • pluton: 海成巖體

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  1. In conclusion, changes in albuminuria are not concordant in a substantial proportion of patients when titrated for bp

  2. In parallel or concordant bedding the strata overlay each other like pages of a book.

  3. We find that the two methods are highly concordant, which means that the method by synthesizing the above two methods are reasonable

  4. Building modern agriculture, prospering rural economy and increasing peasants " income is a great task to build a well - off society that was put in the 16th cpc national congress ; holding people as the center, developing and planning the cities and countries as a whole, propelling the concordant development of economy, society and people, which are specific requirements of scientific development conception. " peasant, agriculture and village ( sannong ) " is not only an economical problem, but also a political problem

    建設現代農業,繁榮農村經濟,增加農民收入,是黨的十六大提出的全面建設小康社會的重大任務;堅持以人為本,統籌城鄉、區域發展,促進經濟社會和人協調發展,是科學發展觀的明確要求; 「三農」問題不僅是一個經濟問題,更是一個政治問題。
  5. Relationship between basic characteristics of daning pluton and its mineralization