cone plug中文意思是什麼

cone plug解釋

  • cone: n 1 圓錐,錐形物;錐面;錐體。2 火山錐,圓錐形火山;錐狀地區。3 【植物;植物學】球果,球花。4 風...
  • plug: n 1 塞子;(齲齒等的)填塞物。2 救火龍頭,消防栓;(內燃機的)火花塞;【軍事】火門閂;槍口蓋;【...

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  1. In the early december, the first bract primordium was formed in the axil scale at the cone base, then bract initiation had occurred in acropetal direction

  2. Because of cone fatigue in the eyes, the color and shape of the afterimage may be complementary to the color and shape of the actual object

  3. I like to plug in an audiobook while i ? m on the bus or walking somewhere

  4. Abstract : this paper analyzes theoretically the effect of the reversed cone angle and length of the plug on restraint and elimination to the distortion of the internal spiral ribs, and put forth the design methods of the plug in drawing rifled tube

  5. Slotted cone plug