cone-and-plate viscometer中文意思是什麼

cone-and-plate viscometer解釋

  • cone: n 1 圓錐,錐形物;錐面;錐體。2 火山錐,圓錐形火山;錐狀地區。3 【植物;植物學】球果,球花。4 風...
  • and: n. 1. 附加條件。2. 〈常 pl. 〉附加細節。
  • plate: n 1 厚金屬板 〈cf sheet〉 板(片);(記有姓名等的金屬)牌子,(尤指醫生的)招牌,藏書牌;【印刷...
  • viscometer: n. = viscosimeter.

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  2. In order to improve the friction between the outer diameter of dishing ring and cone, and prevent any contaminant, such as slurry and ect. from coming, the outside diameter may be curved upward. the length and open of the curved may be determined by the analogue to the actual condition

  3. The basin has dual texture in which it is horst - graben in mesozoic - eogene and " plate " depression in tertiary - quaternary. the basin is the complex basin with wresting and extending dynamic properties, called as torsion - extension basin

  4. Standard specification for hafnium and hafnium alloy strip, sheet, and plate

  5. Ontogeny three types of female cones of ephedra are recognized according to the number of seeds per cone, namely uni - ovulate cone, bi - ovulate cone, and tri - ovulate cone. it is suggested that terminal bud of primary cone axe is developed in tri - ovulate cone and disappears in bi - ovulate cone