音標 [kənˌfigju'reiʃən]
n. 名詞 1. 結構;構造;圓形,外形。
2. 組合,布置;配置。
3. 地形;【天文學】(行星等的)相對位置,方位;【化學】(分子中原子的)組態,排列;【物理學】位形;組態。


    1. Run the apache configuration test and look for a

    2. The conical configuration of the appendix makes obstruction of the lumen unlikely.

    3. All elements in the asp. net configuration schema

      Asp . net配置架構中的所有元素。
    4. In single pylon cable stayed bridges, and cable stayed bridges without backstays, when the bottom of the tower bears the moment from the dead load, it is concluded that non - symmetric configuration of pile cluster corresponding to the upper structure is more practical than symmetric configuration of pile cluster

    5. Increasingly complicated the need of the well drill and petroleum extraction busywork, the development direction of the drill and petroleum extraction tools is consummater capability, complexer configuration and high - effect working. the development of the drill and petroleum extraction tools bring forward higher request for research tester and experiment means at the same time