congo red butter中文意思是什麼

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  • congo: n. 〈the Congo〉 1. 剛果〈非洲〉。 2. 剛果河〈即扎伊爾河〉〈非洲〉。n. (中國的)工夫紅茶。
  • red: adj (redder reddest)1 紅色的,赤色的。2 赤熱的,(面孔)因…而脹紅的 (with)。3 血腥的,血淋淋...
  • butter: n 1 黃油,白脫油。2 (植物)脂;脂狀物,醬;像黃油的東西。3 〈口語〉奉承話,巴結話。4 焊膏。vt 1 ...

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  1. Congo red stain will demonstrate the pink material to be amyloid

  2. When stained with congo red and observed under polarized light, the amyloid has a characteristic " apple green " birefringence as seen here in a deposit around an artery in the heart

  3. Pathological examination of the medial rectus muscle showed positive congo red stain compatible with amyloidosis

  4. Plastics. determination of the tendency of compounds and products based on vinyl chloride homopolymers and copolymers to evolve hydrogen chloride and any other acidic products at elevated temperatures. part 1 : congo red method

  5. She never shuts up, normally. . ” again, the elbow in the butter, the porridge knocked off the table, the blushes and inability to speak ( cs4 ) ? all are red herrings

    她平常從來不停嘴的… … 」同樣,胳膊肘碰到黃油盤里,碰翻在地的粥碗,臉紅,說不出話( cs4 ) ? ?都是在轉移我們的注意力。