conical tappered section中文意思是什麼

conical tappered section解釋

  • conical: adj. 圓錐(體、形)的。adv. -ly 成圓錐形。
  • section: n 1 (外科、解剖的)切斷;切割;切開。2 【外科】切片,【金相】磨石。3 (果子的)瓣。4 【數學】截...

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  1. In this section, we will consider the rank of aa from an analytic point of view.

  2. Plastic adaption coefficient of cross section

  3. This thesis tries to solve the problems in the design and construction of jinping cascade 2 hydropower station. a typical section is selected to analysis seepage, seepage control and fem numerical simulation. the influence of different plans of excavation and support on seepage field of subsurface water and stability of adjoining rock are studied. the homologous support pattern is suggested according to the research results

  4. The numerical simulation of axisymmetric two - dimensional shock tube is studied, which has a conical convergent section, and its driving gas is the hot product of hydrogen oxygen detonation. finite volume tvd scheme is adopted and the mesh is local orthogonal. the primitive equations are euler s equations of multi - component flow. the new method of eliminating numerical oscillation at the interface of two materials is extended to two dimensions. the mechanical character of this shock tube is analyzed

  5. In his treatise " seven methods for inscribed circle ", the qing mathematician huang zongxian extended questions of incribed circle from four aspects, and especially resolved new questions about inscribed circle by the use of conical section, locus and logical inference of western mathematics, some of which are not lacking in originality and accomplishment