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  • connecting: adj. 連接著的;起連接作用的。
  • rod: ROD =rewritable optical disc 【計算機】可重寫光盤〈其內存信息可由激光讀出並加以編輯的光盤〉。n 1...
  • guide: n 1 引導,指導。2 領路人,導游者,向導;指導者,指揮者。3 【軍事】向導艦;〈pl 〉基準兵,標兵。4 ...

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  1. In the simulation, the mpc technique of msc. nastran is used to simulate the mechanical behavior of contact between the interfaces of piston pin and bearing of small end, crankpin and big end bearing, connecting rod body and bearing cap ; also constraints are applied to the connecting rod reasonably

    分析中採用了patran中的多點約束( mpc )技術,有效地模擬了活塞銷與小頭孔內表面、曲柄銷與大頭孔內表面以及連桿體與大頭蓋接觸面的力學接觸狀態,並對連桿進行合理的約束。
  2. This machine uses the long rod organization, the connecting rod selects the line continually, turns on lathe the shuttle to cancel the line, the construction doubling locks the type line mark, the release lever type delivers the seam organization but actually, the completely automatic lubrication, the line mark smoothly artistic, the noise is small, vibrates lowly, is suitable in the shirt jacket western - style clothes, the indproof coat, the bedspread, the children ' s clothing fashionable clothing and so on

  3. The reassigned smoothed pseudo wigner - ville distribution ( rspwvd ) is introduced, which has less interference and higher resolution than other time frequency distributions like wigner - ville, choi - williams etc. it is used to detect the multi - knocking of engine such as cylinder, piston pin, valve, crank bearing, connecting rod bearing and jib knocking. a new fault diagnosis technique based on the rspwvd for the engine multi - knocking problem is proposed. by comparing the bispectrum and bicoherence of the gear vibration signals, it is demonstrated that bispectrum has an advantage over bicoherence for feature extraction of such signals

    第四章首次引入一種重分配方法,得到干擾項少而解析度高的重分配平滑偽魏格納維爾分佈( rspwvd ) ;對發動機曲軸主軸承響、連桿軸承響、活塞銷響、活塞敲缸響、氣門響和挺桿響等常見機械異響故障振動信號特徵進行了全面地比較分析;通過對各種異響故障特徵信號的分析研究,提出基於rspwvd的發動機多異響故障診斷策略,利用該策略可以準確識別不同的發動機異響故障。
  4. Abstract : the article introduced a grinding method and principle of the journal of crankshaft connecting rod

  5. Crank and connecting rod mechanism is a kind of set - up, not only that the structure is complex, and that revolving speed is high