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  • contact: n 1 接觸;聯系;交涉。2 〈美國〉(有勢力的)熟人;門路。3 【數學】相切;【電學】接觸;觸頭;觸點...
  • community: n. 1. 村社;社會,集體;鄉鎮,村落;【生物學】群落,群社。2. 共有,共用;共同體,共同組織;聯營(機構)。3. 共(通)性;一致(性);類似性。

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  1. This study breaks down to 8 chapters ; chapter 1 presents the issue, research scope, research status and research method of this study ; chapter 2 explains geographical, environmental, historical and cultural background of thailand and indonesia ; chapter 3 analyzes the formation of the chinese community in thailand and indonesia before the opium war ; chapter 4 clarifies the development of the chinese community in thailand and indonesia for a period between the opium war and world war ii ; chapter 5 depicts political behaviors of the chinese in thailand and indonesia ; chapter 6 discusses economic activities of the chinese in thailand and indonesia ; chapter 7 discusses cultural contact, adaptation and vicissitude of chinese culture in thailand and indonesia ; chapter 8 presents the conclusion of this study and the issues to be discussed continuously

  2. " these are known as community associated - mrsa ca - mrsa infections and usually have different patterns of antibiotic resistance, " dr yung said. dr yung said ca - mrsa strains are more infectious than the hospital associated mrsa strains and ca - mrsa are mainly transmitted through direct contact with wounds, discharge and soiled areas, usually via hands which may then contaminate other body sites, items or surfaces

  3. Social unity and political and economic development of community, long - term and effective contact between nationalities, nationality group amalgamation, and influence of culture meaning changes always play important role in social culture changes

  4. Complementing the use of the mass media, face - to - face contact with the community is conducted through the

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