音標 [kən'tenʃən]
n. 名詞 1. 斗爭,競爭,爭論。
2. (爭論中的)論點,主張。


    1. Then he listed spain, mexico, russia, and france to support his contention.

    2. This has been a bone of contention around the league, as some feel that varejao is a “ flopper

      這些已經成為這個聯盟的爭論焦點,因為有些人認為瓦萊喬是一個「捏造事故從而獲利的騙子」 。
    3. With his beloved red sox well out of contention

    4. They are steamrolling mediocre pitchers, taking advantage of a soft patch in their schedule and roaring toward playoff contention

    5. What supports the contention that it could have existed in india before the greek astronomers developed it, is that in vedic literature the sun is referred to as the ' centre of spheres ' along with the term guru - tva - akarshan which seemingly refers to the sun

      有爭議性的論點就是在希臘天文學家發展此學說之前,印度就已經存在此學說了,依據是吠陀文獻提到太陽是「球體的中心」 ,術語古魯? ?塔瓦? ?阿卡薩看來也是代表太陽的。