continuously-variable delay line中文意思是什麼

continuously-variable delay line解釋

  • variable: adj 1 易變的,變化無常的,無定的 (opp constant steady)。2 可變的,能變的;變換的。3 【數學】變...
  • delay: vt 延遲,拖延,耽擱。 We ll delay the party for two week 我們要把會期延遲兩周。 The train was del...
  • line: n 1 線;繩索;釣絲;測深度用繩,捲尺。 a fishing line 釣魚線。 be clever with rod and line 會釣魚...

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  1. Study of the ratio control characteristics of an electric car with a continuously variable transmission system

  2. Study on control characteristic of synchronous point of a metal pushing belt - planetary gear continuously variable transmission system

  3. Ecvt eletro - continuously variable transmission

  4. Electromagnetism coupling continuously variable transmission system

  5. A device for converting energy form one form to another. in relation to computers, the term is applied to a read / write head, to detector of sector marks in a magnetic disc system, and to electronic / sonic pulse converters of delay line memory