contour plan中文意思是什麼

contour plan解釋

  • contour: n 1 外形,輪廓;周線,輪廓線。2 等高線,恆值線;【電視】等場強線(=contour line)。3 概略,大要...
  • plan: n 1 計劃,設計,方案,規劃;方法;進程表;時間表。2 圖,圖面;平面圖,設計圖;示意圖;圖表;(街...

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  1. It took months to come up with an acceptable plan for the banks.

  2. The a posteriori plan was thought out after he learned how to play the game

  3. But in 1968 citizens action groups effectively intervened, and caused the plan to be abandoned

  4. From 1980 to 1996, the amount of accident jet plan and turbine aerotransport which taking off weight exceed 5700kg all over the world is 621 times. in which there were 287 times wretched accident in the approach and landing phase, occupying 46 percent

    從1980年至1996年,全世界最大起飛重量5700公斤以上的噴氣式和渦輪螺旋漿運輸機發生重大死亡事故621起,其中發生在進近著陸階段的重大死亡事故287起,佔46 。
  5. Dial this puerpera to bear insurance premium standard : above year worker is mean monthly salary is plan hair base, natural labor issues 3. 5 months ; drawing is produced, suck induced labor, clamp to produce issue 4 months ; caesarean birth or much afterbirth foetal hair give 3. 5 months

    撥該產婦生育保險費標準:以上年度職工月平均工資為計發基數,順產發給3 . 5個月;牽引產、吸引產、鉗產發給4個月;剖腹產或多胞胎發給3 . 5個月。