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  • contract: n 1 契約,合同。2 婚約。3 承包(合約)。4 【法律】契約法。5 【牌戲】定約,合約橋牌。6 〈主英方〉...
  • carriage: n 1 車;(四輪)馬車;〈英國〉(鐵路)客車車廂(=〈美國〉car);【航空】牽引車;(汽車的)座位。...

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  1. One is a general introduction of the contract law and contracts of carriage of gx > ods by water ; the other is a detailed consideration about the general rule ' s influences on the latter specific contracts. in the first part, the author introduces contracts of carriage of goods by water and laws concerning contracts of carriage of goods by water. due to many special rules and easterns existing in the shipping fields, making the difference between various contracts of carriage of goods by water will be helpful to fibber comprehend different circumstances arising in the course of the performance of this kind of contract, and to find the common character and the difference indicated

  2. A carriage contract is a contract whereby the carrier carries the passenger or cargo from the place of departure to the prescribed destination, and the passenger, consignor or consignee pays the fare or freightage

  3. A multi - modal carriage operator is responsible for performing, or arranging for performance of, the multi - modal carriage contract, and it enjoys the rights and assumes the obligations of a carrier throughout the course of carriage

  4. In view of the transferring of contract, the situation that goods are not taken delivery of or the consignee refuses to take delivery of the goods at the port of destination is the fail of the transferring of contract. so, the shipper who is a party of the contract of carriage should be responsible for the carrier ' s losses suffered from the above situations

  5. In different legal system, that is distinct. ship owner, ship manager and shipping agent, taking part in the transport trade, always affect finding the carrier. in many countries, " carrier " means any person by whom or in whose name a contract of carriage of goods by sea has been concluded with a shipper

    不同法律制度下, 「承運人」的定義有所區別: 《海牙規則》把承運人限定為與托運人訂有海上運輸契約的船舶所有人和承租人; 《漢堡規則》及包括我國在內的多數國家把承運人定義為與托運人訂有海上運輸契約的任何人。