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  • contract: n 1 契約,合同。2 婚約。3 承包(合約)。4 【法律】契約法。5 【牌戲】定約,合約橋牌。6 〈主英方〉...
  • index: n (pl es dices )1 索引。2 指標,標準,標志。3 示[食]指 (=index finger)。4 指數。5 【印刷】指...

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  1. On october 9, the hkfe launched the mini - hang seng index futures contract. the value of the mini contract is one - fifth of that of the hang seng index futures contract

  2. In the same time, it gives the proposes of risk control in chinese stock index futures and the proposes of the design on our stock index futures contract by referring the experience of overseas market

  3. In addition, the requirement of feedwater control index specified in domestic unit acceptance standard is low than one in contract

  4. As per the contract, feedwater control system shall be in automatic mode at full range, and the requirement of drum level control index of feedwater control system is high

  5. ( 2 ) on the side of mechanism of bt cottonseed industrialization, there are common grounds between and kemao co. : multi - participates form a advantage community with contract share in common profit, but the forms of interest distribution are different ; they constitute wholesome organizes system and apply some systems, such as produce and sale in term of contract, price subsidy and non - marketing arrangement, moreover reinforce intellect development of industrialization system to evade risks ; they introduce corporation production and management mechanism, take quality as the center, establish strict index system and project management system, reinforce seed production and sale management ; they endeavor to increase financing channels to promote bt cottonseed industrialization to function effectively

    ( 2 )冀岱公司和科貿公司bt棉種子產業化運行機制有許多共同點:多元參與主體結成一個利益共同體,以合同為紐帶,分享共同利潤,但利益分配形式有所差異;建立健全的產業化組織體系,利用各種制度、 「非市場安排」並大力加強產業化體系的智力開發等措施來規避風險;引入企業化生產經營管理機制,以產品質量管理為核心,制定嚴格的指標體系和管理制度,建立健全的銷售網路體系,加強種子生產與銷售管理;積極拓展資金籌措渠道,促進bt棉種子產業化有效運行。