contrastive linguistics中文意思是什麼

contrastive linguistics解釋

  • contrastive: 對比的
  • linguistics: n. 語言學。 comparative linguistics 比較語言學。 general linguistics 一般語言學。

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  1. A good part of the credit goes to the linguistics research laboratory of gallaudet college for taking the initiative in studying the american sign language unemotionally and clear - headedly, and subjecting it to the same rigors of analysis used in the study of any other language

  2. A comparison between bather ' s study of symbol and contemporary linguistics

  3. A contrastive analysis of english and chinese cleft sentences

  4. The institute of computational linguistics, peking university has completed the basic processing of a contemporary chinese corpus that has 27 million chinese characters

  5. Tile author holds that tile investigation of the culture - bound meanings of chinese and english lexicons will promote the contrastive study between the sino - english syntaxes, and the final research goal of the sino - english contrastive linguistics should aim at tackling the dialectical relationship between a people ' s language and a people ' s spirit through a contrastive study of the similarities and dissimilarities between two different languages