coodination compound中文意思是什麼

coodination compound解釋

  • compound: vt 1 使混合,調合,配合;【語言學】復合,合成。2 (通過互相讓步等)解決(糾紛);用錢了結(債務等...

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  1. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, perfumery, leather and chemical industry ; as compound cyclizing agent in organic synthesis, acidifier and dehydrant ; as substitute of ortho - phosphoric acid

  2. A new tracking algorism for single detector compound axis was presented and realized based on realtime trajectory correcting

  3. High purity gallium metal is the basic ingredient for semiconductor compound material, and it is also highly utilized in the manufacture of super conductor material, alloy, alnico etc

  4. The initial dose of compound fluorouracil injection is 2 ampullae ( 10mlampulla ) with 500 ml n. s a day slow drip in order to avoid from phlebitis or venous sclerosis

    剛開始的施打劑量為一天2安瓶( 10cc安瓶) ,注入500cc生理食鹽水,為避免出現靜脈炎,靜脈硬化現象,請減緩滴速。
  5. A compound word consisting of a noun combined with another noun or modifying adjective, the compound being treated as a noun in apposition ; if the adjective is the final element in a species - group name, its ending is determined by the gender of the noun it modifies ( and not by that of the generic name with which the species - group name is combined )

    一個名詞與另一名詞或修飾性形容詞組成的復合字,這種復合字以同位名詞對待;如果該形容詞為一個種群名稱的最後部份,其結尾由所修飾的名詞的性屬來決定(並非由與該種群名稱相組合的屬名的性屬來決定) 。