cool light enlarger中文意思是什麼

cool light enlarger解釋

  • cool: adj 1 涼,涼爽。2 沉著的,冷靜的,慎重的。3 冷淡的,薄情的;不動感情的,冷酷的。4 〈口語〉(價格...
  • light: n 1 光,光線;光明,亮光 (opp darkness) Hang the picture in a good light 把那幅畫掛在能看清楚的...
  • enlarger: 放大機, 擴大者, 詳述者

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  1. The light cotton " dishdasha " is designed to keep the wearer cool in a gulf arab country where summer temperatures can hit 50 degrees celsius

    這個緊鄰波斯灣的阿拉伯國家的夏季氣溫最高時可達攝氏50度,而那種被稱做「 dishdasha 」的輕便棉袍則可以使穿著者即使在如此天氣下也能感到一絲涼意。
  2. Do not use when eating. do not perm eyelashes. keep away from children. place at a cool dry place. avoid sun light contact

  3. Sealed, avoid light, set in cool, dry place

  4. Light winds tend to confine the cool air locally, preventing it from getting warm by mixing with surrounding air. moisture in the air keeps the heat on the ground from radiating away. hence, dry air cools off faster than moist air

  5. By carefully working on the distance value you can make your warm firelight shed only within the room, while illuminating outside with a cool moonlight, the latter achieved with a sun or hemi light or both