cooling water box中文意思是什麼

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  • cooling: n. ,adj. 冷卻(的)。
  • water: n 1 水;雨水;露;〈常作 pl 〉 礦泉,溫泉;藥水。2 〈常 pl 〉水體;水域;水道;海;湖;河;海域;...
  • box: n 1 箱,櫃,匣,盒;罩殼;錢櫃;〈美口〉保險箱;郵箱,信箱;〈英國〉禮盒;禮物(旅行用)衣箱。2 ...

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  1. Total alkalinity and its calculation in cooling water

  2. Inside engine room frame # 14 # 16 portside, starboard side there is sea chest at each side, they are connected by main sea pipe, the sea water pump of main engine, auxiliary engine, general bilge pump, ballast pump, firefighting pump, condensator cooling water pump, and sea water pressure tank can suck sea water from them

    機艙內# 14 # 16左、右舷設有海水閥箱各一個,用海水總管相連,可供主機、輔柴油機的海水泵、艙底總用泵、壓載泵、消防泵、冷凝機組冷卻水泵及海水壓力水櫃吸水。
  3. Test study on two biocides, namely quaternary ammonium salt and isothiazolinelcetone, commonly used in circulatory cooling water system has been carried out, obtaining the relationship among dosage, actuation time duration, and the killed persontage, and putting forward the principle and points needing attention for selecting the biocide

  4. Plastic dehydration tablets centrifugal machine is a granulator against wondering when additional cooling water outside of vertical separation, dewatering plate leaf machine, all use stainless steel materials, in particular strip grid, dehydration, and plastics industries is the preferred equipment

  5. In this paper, 6013al / sicp / gr metal matrix composite ( mmc ) was produced by spray codeposition, by means of changing the medium of quenching, influence of five types of heat treatment system ( furnace cooling, air cooling, water quenching, dry ice quenching, liquid nitrogen quenching ) and different aging temperature on the damping was studied systematically

    本文採用噴射共沉積方法制備了6013al sicp gr金屬基復合材料( mmc ) ,通過改變淬火介質,較為系統地研究了五種熱處理制度(爐冷、空冷、水冷、乾冰冷及液氮冷)以及不同時效溫度( 120 、 150 、 170 、 190及210 )對6013al sicp grmmc阻尼性能影響。