n. 名詞 合作者;(有平等權利的)合伙人。
-shipn. 名詞 合作;損益分擔;合伙人(身份)。


    1. Selecting strategic copartner based on multi - attribute decision making with possibility

    2. At the same time analysis and design the components of the system using uml. according to the data integrity for the copartner, give the xml - based data integrity architecture

    3. Sue to the court directly : agreement should be in duplicate, that ought to do not have your copartner autograph in your hand, but the another autograph on that agreement of company of illative and oriental meal is hind add ; you can be sued to the court, tell its break a contact, ask its are returned join in administration fee, bear responsibility of breach of contract and your loss

    4. Mis supports operation process, management control and strategy decision. the core of the paper analyzes integration relation from the three aspects according mis integration framework, farther explains the key of dynamic integration. it shows newly the relation among enterprise and its provider, client, copartner, competitor and other enterprise

    5. As to the apportion of original underwriter and reinsurance person responsibility, all decide by reinsurance contract, the amount that endowment specified number decides about in liking partnership contract decides the size of copartner responsibility