coper brown中文意思是什麼

coper brown解釋

  • coper: n. 〈英方〉馬販子。n. (北海的)煙酒販賣船。
  • brown: n 布朗〈姓氏〉。n 布朗(姓氏)。 Brown, Jones and Robinson 張三李四,普通人 (=Tom Dick and Har...

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  1. There is no association at all between abd and c. harold brown.

  2. The results showed that the main microbes in the koji used in naturally fermented liuyang brown bean were mainly molds and bacteria, and less counting of yeast and actinomyces

  3. Good morning. good morning. - alderman brown ' s office

  4. 2. the antiserum of rabbit anti - ucp1 from brown adipose tissue of tree shrew was prepared successfully

    2 、我們酶聯免疫實驗結果表明ucp1濃度與冷馴化時間呈正相關。
  5. Leaves opposite, papery, ovate, suborbicular or elliptic, 4 - 8 cm long, apex rounded, base rounded to broadly cuneate, margin with regular and slightly sinuate teeth except base, covered with yellowish brown tufted appressed hairs ; petioles 0. 6 - 1. 5 cm long

    葉對生,紙質,圓卵形、近圓形或橢圓形,長4 - 8厘米,頂端圓形,基部圓形至寬楔形,邊緣除基部外具整齊而稍帶波狀的鋸齒,兩面被黃褐色簇狀短伏毛;葉柄長6 - 15毫米。