corset jean中文意思是什麼

corset jean解釋

  • corset: n. (常 pl. )女服胸衣;【醫學】胸衣。 a corset cover 罩在胸衣外面的背心。adj. -ed 帶有胸衣的,穿著胸衣的。
  • jean: n. 吉恩〈1. 男子名,John 的異體。2. 女子名,Joanna 的異體〉。n. 1. 【紡織;印染】三頁細斜紋布。2. 〈 pl. 〉(三頁細斜紋藍布做的)工作服,工裝褲。

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  1. Is jean still an accountant in that german company ?

  2. 5 - minute walk from shibuya sta. on the tokyu den - en - toshi line, the tokyo metro hanzomon line. the three greatest masterpieces by jean - francois millet, " the angelus ", " the gleaners " and " the young shepherdess " are exhibited together at bunkamura the museum in shibuya

    尚?法蘭斯瓦?米勒的三大名畫《晚鐘》 、 《拾穗者》 、 《牧羊女與羊群》將在澀谷的bunkamura美術館聚集一堂。
  3. Jean, if monsieur pleases, replied the newcomer, jean passepartout, a surname which has clung to me because i have a natural aptness for going out of one business into another

    「我叫若望,假使老爺不反對的話, 」新來的僕人回答說, 「路路通是我的外號。憑這個名字,可以說明我天生就有精於辦事的能耐。
  4. She was wearing a white vest, a black jean and a pair of black canvas shoes when missing

  5. He was going to slovenia with jean - claude