corymbose hedyotis herb中文意思是什麼

corymbose hedyotis herb解釋

  • corymbose: adj. 【植物;植物學】傘房狀的。
  • hedyotis: 如耳草屬
  • herb: n. 1. 草,草本植物。2. 莖葉可作藥品、食品、香料等的植物;香草,藥草。3. 牧草。adj. -less 缺乏草本植物的。

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  1. The contents of three valepotriates in v. officinalis also varied significantly different areas, samples from nanchuan of chongqing showing the highest. it is also showed that the contents of three valepotriates in underground part of valerians plants are higher than that in aerial part and the contents of three valepotriates in valeriana jatamansi herb and v. officinal is herb collected in september is highest. valepotriates of valeriana jatamansi were obtained using petroleum ether, with content of valtrate, didrovaltrate and acetovaltrate between 70 % and 80 %

    我們以採用rp - hplc法測定不同產地、部位和採收期的纈草屬植物中纈草素、二氫纈草素和乙酰纈草素的含量,結果發現纈草類生藥蜘蛛香、纈草、寬葉纈草和黑水纈草之間纈草素類成分含量差異顯著,其中以蜘蛛香含量最高,纈草次之,寬葉纈草再次,黑水纈草含量最低。
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  3. Herb rose darted at her and clutched her arm.

  4. Among the other ice creams to be served are several alcohol - based flavours like baileys irish cream, french fruit and herb liquor pisang ambon, and curacao

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