cotyledonary sheath中文意思是什麼

cotyledonary sheath解釋

  • cotyledonary: 子葉的
  • sheath: n. (pl. sheaths )1. (刀劍的)鞘。2. 護套;外皮;外殼;包裝。

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  1. Sheath : performance of sheath rubber is accordant with type xh03a in gb7594. 787

    護套:護套橡皮性能符合gb7594 . 7
  2. After comparatively researching the morphology, anatomy and development process between carpel and leaf, we put forward a viewpoint that the carpellary disc of paeonia is not from the receptacular projection, but is a appendant organ of carpel. they come from leaf blade and leaf sheath separately. ( 3 ) after researching carpellary morphology and anatomy of nine groups of sect

  3. Most axons in adult nerve tissue are ensheathed by single or multiple folds of a sheath cell.

  4. In these chloroplasts carbon dioxide combines with phosphoenolpyruvate to form oxaloacetic acid, which is transported to the bundle sheath cells, where the carbon dioxide is released, then fixed by the enzyme ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase to form glycerate 3 - phosphate, the first step in the calvin cycle

  5. Ugefhp cable adopt black cold - resistant chloroprene rubber sheath