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  • count: vt 1 計數,計算,列舉,清點。2 算進,計進;包括。3 認為,相信為;算為。 vi 1 計數,計算。2 【音樂...
  • value: n 1 價值;重要性;益處。2 估價,評價。3 價格,所值;交換力。4 (郵票的)面值。5 等值;值得花的代...

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  1. The goal of this paper is establish the model of calorific value of coal and the count values to forecast the value quickly and exactly

  2. Break when the hit count equals a specified value

  3. The study focused only on wild insects and did not count the value of commercially produced insect - derived products, such as honey and silk

    由此,研究人員得出的結論是,在這方面昆蟲對美國經濟的貢獻價值為3 . 8億美元。
  4. This paper uses theory and normative method, based upon the definition of the land value, studies the inherent system of the land value increment, and applies the land rent theory so as to set the model of the urban land value increment. it also analyzes the effect of urban planning on land value increment by the instance of urban planning, proposes the coordination between social, economic, and ecological value in urban planning, advances the corresponding count measure by presenting the detailed analysis the phenomena of increasing floor area ration in practicing the urban planning

  5. Through the factor evaluation method, offer firewood for the fact that the compensation is designed count, make position value in enterprise must use the quantity