country of citize hip中文意思是什麼

country of citize hip解釋

  • country: n 1 國家;國土;(全)國民,民眾。2 本國,祖國;家鄉,故鄉。3 鄉下,農村;土地,地方,地區;領域...
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • hip: n 1 臀部。2 【解剖學】髖,髖部。3 【動物;動物學】(昆蟲的)基節。4 【建築】屋脊。5 〈 pl 〉〈美...

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  1. Applied anatomy of the arterial supply of the hip articular capsule

  2. To meet the processing requirements before sintering, the pressed briquet was pre - calcined at 1150 to make it possess adequate processing strength at first and then was shaped through precise turning on the numerical control lathe according to the design diagram of the femoral head prostheses of partial hip joint

  3. In this case the intimacy of the boy and girl might be little more than the continuance in this country of old-world folkways.

  4. Organic oils of rose hip seed, jojoba, mission olive, coconut, wheat germ non - gmo, rose hip seed, bees wax, vegetable castor oil, organic coca butter, honey, thyme, sage, cow slip, gotu kola, amla berry, cuckoopint, ginseng, turmeric, bee propolis, natural vitamin

    玫瑰果油榛子油蘆薈人參薰衣草玫瑰花瓣橙花可可巴油蜜糖蜂膠百里香鼠尾草天然維他命e ,檸檬油等。
  5. Information on country of birth was obtained from death certificates.