cpi - cost per inquiry中文意思是什麼

cpi - cost per inquiry解釋

  • cpi: CPI = Consumer Price Index 消費者價格指數。
  • cost: n 1 費用;代價,價格;成本。2 犧牲;損害,損失。3 〈pl 〉訟費。vt (cost; cost)1 值,要價(苦幹...
  • per:
  • inquiry: n. 1. 詢問,質問;追究。2. 調查,審查。

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  1. This reduces their efficiency, increasing the cost per kwh and preventing wave power from making progress

  2. With the use of filter pads or paper, it still provides the lowest cost per gallon filtered for polishing filtration

  3. The cost per kilowatt hour of producing electricity ; it includes the cost of capital, debt service, operation and maintenance, and fuel. which does not include transmission and distribution costs

    即發電成本價,不含線損和配電損失。以前報導的美國核電成本價為1 . 82美分,即是這個價。
  4. Study on determination methods of average cost per student about colleges and universities

  5. D - m algorithm gets the optimized individual cost per sites pair, whereas ils and lis algorithm reduce the total costs to minimum respectively in chain topology and other conditions

    其中d - m演算法用於得到最小的節點間單次傳播開銷,而ils和lis演算法分別在鏈式結構和更普遍條件下使總傳播開銷最小。