crank closer中文意思是什麼

crank closer解釋

  • crank: n 1 【機械工程】曲柄;(刑具)旋盤。2 (言語或思想的)奇特的轉折;狂想,幻想;〈美俚〉想法古怪的...
  • closer: n. 1. 關閉者;閉塞器。2. 【建築】鑲墻邊的磚石。

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  1. Our society is becoming more colorful, and the contact of the people is closer, so the audience ' s request for news dissemination represents diversity and individuality, the request for news has a brand new taste and standard, and especially for the aesthesia of information, which needs to be deeper, wider, higher and quicker

  2. Replacement of the air pipe for crank case ventilation system

  3. As the philistine moved closer to attack him, david ran quickly toward the battle line to meet him

  4. The success of the biannual iscoc stimulated the development of closer relationship among the chinese organic chemists all over the world

  5. At the other end of the technological spectrum, the american bible society produces an audio device, powered by a battery or hand crank and no bigger than a couple of cigar boxes, that can broadcast the bible to a crowd of a hundred