crisp biscuits中文意思是什麼

crisp biscuits解釋

  • crisp: adj 1 卷縮的;起皺的;有微波的。2 脆的,易碎的。3 有脆聲的(紙)。4 新鮮的,爽快的,有力的,有勁...
  • biscuits: (英)餅干,(美)小麵包

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  1. The sailor hesitated a moment, looked anew at the woman, came in, unfolded five crisp pieces of paper, and threw them down upon the table-cloth.

  2. Her voice was crisp and authoritative.

  3. I bought a bit of baking powder and baked a batch of biscuits

  4. The crust of the red bean cake sold in this store is crisp with a sweet smell of honey and the unique filling in the cake is pleasant to the palate so that it may lure you to eat it again and again

  5. Do not put on that innocent look ; we know you ate all the biscuits.