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  • cross: n 1 十字架;〈the C 〉 耶穌受刑的十字架。2 〈the C 〉 基督教(教義,國家)。3 不幸,苦難;挫折,...
  • bleed: vi (bled )1 流血,出血,內出血;受傷,死,戰死。2 悲痛,同情 (for)。3 【植物;植物學】(傷口...
  • start: vi 1 〈美國〉出發,動身,起程。2 (機器)開動;開始,著手,下手,發生。3 突然出現,湧出;鼓出,突...

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    儀式部分莊重典雅,表演部分歡樂狂野,突出郊野色彩,塑造鮮明的郊野主題和親和意識,展現房山旅遊大區文化名區的新氣象。本屆旅遊文化節以「 happy郊野撒歡房山」為主題,以第十屆房山旅遊文化節開幕式暨聖蓮山風景度假區開業慶典儀式房山經貿洽談會續燃人類文明之火「祖國好京城美」宣傳教育活動三項主體活動和白草畔野營地「撒歡兒節」十渡河燈節慶「七一」堂上鄉村民俗霸王鞭表演雲居寺祈福迎祥系列活動「石花洞銀狐洞仙棲洞雲水洞」四洞尋寶比賽及下鄉務農「插隊」體驗一日游六項支撐活動為主要內容,塑造「北京根祖,溶洞王國」的整體形象推出房山北線旅遊走廊,調整山區經濟結構,優化生態環境,促進農民增收,加快房山旅遊黃金圈建設步伐,為全市及周邊遊客出遊休閑娛樂和中外客商投資創業提供更多更理想的選擇。吸引更多的人旅遊到房山投資進房山,進一步推動該區全面發展。
  2. The start of the lucky knot programme 2006. under the programme, 10 departments in 2005 joined the crossover volunteer programme which aims at building cross - department co - operation in organising volunteer service

  3. Most lets the will of the people hang is two vehicles meets, this roadlooks like on had not thought from the start must let two vehiclesmeet one another, the majority only has a vehicle the width, the pilothas the rich experience, looks carefully in all directions, isvigilant, item ten miles, are at the same time calm should in front ofthe cross - eye trouble, at the same time when also has to foreseeopposite party vehicle to be able to meet one another in where, whether the vehicle does have to stop in advance in some waiting, orsnatches the time relatively to open n staggers

  4. And, when cross - server battlegrounds go live in the next patch, we can start to look at ways we can do matchmaking differently

  5. You must not cross when the pedestrian light shows a red man or start to cross when the pedestrian light shows a flashing green man