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  • cross: n 1 十字架;〈the C 〉 耶穌受刑的十字架。2 〈the C 〉 基督教(教義,國家)。3 不幸,苦難;挫折,...
  • color: 〈美國〉=〈英國〉 colour。n 1 顏色,色彩;色調;著色;色素,顏料,染料;〈pl 〉 圖畫顏料。2 臉色...
  • noise: n 1 聲音,聲響。2 叫喊;嘈雜聲,噪音;喧鬧聲;吵鬧,騷動,騷擾。3 〈古語〉謠言,風聲。4 〈美國〉...

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  1. Gene engineering technology is more superior than the cross breeding and directive breeding technology with its short cycle, low cost and high benefit. though traditional breeding technology has been used for a long time. now the direct reports for the changes of the flower color by the chi ( chalcone isomerase ) gene are a few what we known.

    關于花色結構基因查爾酮異構酶chi ( chalconeisomerase )基因對花色改變的直接報道很少,因此,本論文選用了chi基因為目的基因,以純深紅色和純白色矮牽牛( petuniahybidavilm . )為材料,研究了chi基因的共抑制和反義抑制以及表達產物增加對花色改良的作用,並在花色改變植株中首次觀察到花器官變異。
  2. Could it be that in these individuals, the cross wiring occurs between the angular gyrus and the higher color area near the tpo instead of between areas in the fusiform

  3. This method uses two spatially separated receiving equipment. cross correlation of the two outputs will therefore yield the auto correlation function ( acf ) of the signal, plus noise which is spread uniformly over the whole width

    該演算法採用空間上分離的兩路接收設備,通過對包含同一個信號的2個輸出信號互相關,得到信號窄自相關函數( acf )和在整個帶寬里均勻分佈噪聲成分。
  4. Based on the principle of the ultrasonic cross - correlation flowmeter, the key factor of the development of cross - correlation flowmeter, namely the design of cross - correlator, is analyzed in the paper. digital signal processing is introduced to design the flowmeter, the cross - correlation operation of random noise signal is dealt with inside the frequency field, and the digital cross - correlator is designed

  5. It is concluded that the primeval design of hv ' ac system decide that the building noise environment is good or bad. as to say how to resolve the six sides problems : machine noise, machine vibration, fan noise, duct noise, draft noise and cross - talk noise