cross-compound compressor中文意思是什麼

cross-compound compressor解釋

  • cross: n 1 十字架;〈the C 〉 耶穌受刑的十字架。2 〈the C 〉 基督教(教義,國家)。3 不幸,苦難;挫折,...
  • compound: vt 1 使混合,調合,配合;【語言學】復合,合成。2 (通過互相讓步等)解決(糾紛);用錢了結(債務等...
  • compressor: n. 1. 壓縮物。2. 壓縮器,壓氣機,壓榨器。3. 【解剖學】收縮肌,壓肌。

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  1. In order to evaluate the stability of the upper structure of the cross and the pillar - soil compound foundation, and provide more theoretical bases for design and construction of this type of jacking frame - overhead cross in future, the 2d fem analyses for bearing - deformation of the frame structure of the cross and the pillar - soil compound foundation are carried out, and some relevant conclusions are obtained

  2. Zsej90 - 2 is tow - step silane nature cross - linkable polyethylene insulating compound for low and middle voltage cables

  3. Cross - compound turbine

  4. Cross compound cycle

  5. The controller will turn on the compressor and turn off the cross valve after turning on the defrosting, and then use heat pump to defrost