crosstalk balancing bay中文意思是什麼

crosstalk balancing bay解釋

  • crosstalk: 串華,通訊
  • balancing: 補償的
  • bay: n 1 (比 gulf 小、比 cove 大的)灣,海灣。2 (山中的)凹地。3 【火箭】凹槽;盤,艙。4 【英軍】戰...

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  1. While hong kong and guangdong share the same airshed, they also share several water bodies, such as the pearl river estuary, deep bay and mirs bay

  2. The perfumes were scented with extracts of lavender, bay, rosemary, pine or coriander and kept in tiny translucent alabaster bottles

  3. The analysis of applying antibiotic the most frequently used medicines were those for balancing water, electrolite, acid and alkalescence ( 28. 8 % ) in the body, and followed by anti - infection ( 15. 3 % ) and vitamin ( 9. 8 % )

    手術病人抗生素應用分析使用頻率最高的藥品是調節水、電解質和酸堿平衡類藥,佔28 8 ,其次為抗感染藥,佔15 3 ,第三位是維生素類藥品,佔9
  4. A history of almightiness banking is phylogeny of balancing the management efficiency of the financial institutes and the supervisory ability of the supervision institute

  5. Crosstalk balancing bay