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  1. The effects of metal ions and denaturants on the conformation and hemagglutinating activity of crotalaria mucronata lectin

  2. There were only 9. 35 % fat, 53. 05 % amino acids, essential amino acids accounting for17. 49 % in retusa boenensis

  3. Character and microscopical identification of xianglingcao crotalaria ferruginea grah., the herbal of bai nationality

  4. Crotalaria mucronata lectin ( cml ) was purified from seeds of crotalaria mucronata by extraction, fraction with ( nhi ) 2864, hog gastric mucin - sepharose 4b affinity chromatography and followed by gel filtration of sephacryl s - 200 hr. cml agglutinated type a human red blood cells specially. the purified cml gave one band pel e ' ectronhoresis and on sds nolvacrvlamide gel electrophoresis

    野花生豆( crotalariamucronata )經磨粉、浸取、硫酸銨分級沉澱、豬胃粘蛋白- sepharose4b親和層析、 sephacryls - 200hr分子篩層析可得到一表觀分子量為103kd且對a型血紅細胞專一凝集的野花生豆凝集素( crotalariamucronatalectin , cml ) 。