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  • crown: n 1 (勝利的)花冠;榮譽;〈美俚〉錦標。2 王冠,冕;王位;君權;〈the Crown〉 國王,君主。3 王冠...

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  1. Animal rights activists said caging them was cruel

  2. Two issues on addressees depredated political rights

  3. Being based on distinct property rights adscription, favorable property rights bargaining, flexible property rights management, combination between rights and responsibility, property rights protection according to laws, and so on, under the condition of smooth transaction, the symmetric allocation of its rights and responsibilities practically means relations between property rights of human capital and its realization form

  4. A notice by the obligee to assign its rights shall not be revoked, unless such revocation is consented to by the assignee. " combined with the author ' s own practice, this article discusses when conveying creditor ' s rights, if the debtee does not perform obligations to inform the debtor, afterwards obtains the transferee ' s written notice with the debtor ' s signature and affirmance, the conveyance is not absolutely invalid, as long as the transferee identifies the conveyance

  5. The inscape of the third party aggrieve creditor ' s rights system