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  • crown: n 1 (勝利的)花冠;榮譽;〈美俚〉錦標。2 王冠,冕;王位;君權;〈the Crown〉 國王,君主。3 王冠...
  • area: n. 1. 面積;平地;地面。2. 空地;〈英國〉地下室前的空地。3. 地區,地方;〈比喻〉區域;范圍。
  • index: n (pl es dices )1 索引。2 指標,標準,標志。3 示[食]指 (=index finger)。4 指數。5 【印刷】指...

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  1. Rice yield reached the maximum at a leaf area index of seven to nine in indica - japonica cross variety, and at a leaf area index of about five in japonica variety, respectively

    秈-粳稻雜交品種的葉面積指數為7 ~ 9時水稻產量最高而粳稻品種最佳葉面積指數為5 。
  2. Taking erectophile type continuous vegetation as a example, authors had done many monte carlo simulations, and established empirical analytic expressions of radiances with component temperature, soil emissivity and leaf area index. empirical analytic expressions were used to construct objective function and genetic algorithm was employed to synchronously retrieve 5 parameters, such as component temperature, soil emissivity and lai, from thermal infrared 2 channels and 2 angles data. many experiments of genetic algorithm inversion from simulated data were conducted, results show that it is very robust to retrieve component temperature using genetic algorithm ; genetic algorithm can cope with uncertainty inversion problem pretty well if full advantage of priori knowledge was taken. comparison between inversion results and ground - truth data has been done. this paper offers a new example to retrieve component temperature from multi - channel, multi - angle thermal infrared data based on the model of directionality of thermal radiance

    在熱輻射方向性規律的基礎上,以喜直型連續植被為例,進行了大量的monte carlo模擬,建立了輻射亮度和組分溫度植被葉面積指數及土壤比輻射率之間的經驗函數關系。採用遺傳演算法,從熱紅外2個波段2個角度數據中,同時反演混合像元組分溫度土壤比輻射率和葉面積指數等5個參數。通過對模擬的觀測數據進行大量的遺傳演算法反演試驗,結果表明,遺傳演算法反演組分溫度非常穩健,在寬松的先驗知識條件下,遺傳演算法可以解決不確定性反演問題。
  3. Method for estimating crop leaf area index of china using remote sensing

  4. Leaf area index

  5. The relationship between relative evapotranspiration and leaf area index and surface soil water content in winter wheat field of north china plain